Natural Stone

Natural stone is a construction material found in nature.

Block stones with a wide variety of colours, patterns, mechanical properties and chemical resistance can be extracted from different quarries of the world in addition to the stones extracted within the borders of Turkey. Block stones are cut in machining centre and tablets are created. These tablets are cut by countertop manufacturers and used in various surface applications.

The most known natural stone types are marble, granite, onyx and travertine.

Natural stones which are burned, hammered, sandblasted, polished or left mat are sized in desired sizes; edges are shaped and necessary holes are drilled according to the needs of the project.

It is used in different areas such as kitchen countertops, stair steps, outdoor coverings, interior coverings, tables as the final product.

Human error is minimized thanks to the 2021 model fully computer-controlled 5-axis bridge cutting machine in our company. In this way, we can quickly and successfully handle all kinds of difficult sizing and cutting.