Cultured Marble

The surfaces which are created after the dough prepared by using natural stone powders such as calcite, quartz and biding materials is poured into molds and created piece is hardened by heat treatment is called as cultured marble.

Several factors such as natural stone selected as the main material, mixture ratio, binder quality and contents, material of the mold play an important role in cultured marble application. That’s why, the quality of the product may differ from producer to producer unlike the natural stone from the nature and highly automated quartz surfaces.

The uncertainty in our processes is largely eliminated and a consistent quality has been achieved since design and production of mold and semi-finished product manufacturing are carried out within akrikor. Cultured marble surfaces

produced in our ISO 9001 certified company are guaranteed for 2 years.

On the other hand, we are always one step ahead of our rivals with our ISO 22196 certified antibacterial SaniCoatTM and HardCoatTM surfaces, whose hardness and toughness are increased, thanks to our R&D studies which are always prioritized.

Everything expected from a countertop can be met with high temperature resistance, opportunity of casting with sink, antibacterial surface, zero absorbency and warranty certificate at affordable prices with akrikor casting.

We can respond to projects in all capacities thanks to the flexibility we have achieved with our 6 different sink models, 3 different countertop thicknesses and up-to-date colours.

Integrated sink models