Warranty Certificate


1) Warranty period starts from the delivery date of the goods and is for 2 years.
2)All parts including the goods are under warranty.
3)In case the defect of the good is revealed, the consumer has the following optional rights which are in Article 11 of Turkish Consumer Protection Law No. 6502 (the TCP Law);
a)terminating the contract,
b)requesting a discount from the sale price,
c)requesting the sold good to be repaired,
d)requesting the sold good to be exchanged with defect free one.
4) In case the consumer chooses the right to free of charge by repair of the good, the seller shall be liable to repair or have others repaired the good, without charging any fee such as cost of workmanship, cost of replaced component, etc. The consumer may also exercise the right to free of charge by repair against the producer or importer. The seller, producer and the importer are jointly and severally liable for the exercise of such right by the consumer.
5) As for the exercise by the consumer of the right to free of charge by repair, in case - the breakdown repeats within the guarantee period, - the maximum repair period is exceeded, - the authorised service, seller, producer or importer report that the good is not eligible for repair; the consumer may request the seller to return the cost of the good, to make a discount in the amount corresponding to the defect of the good or where relevant to replace the good with a defect free one. The seller shall not decline such request of the consumer. In the event of failure to meet this request, the seller, producer and the importer shall be jointly and successively liable.
6) The repair period of the goods cannot exceed 20 working days. This period starts from the date of declaration of the failure of the goods to the authorized service station or the seller within the warranty period, and starts from the date of delivery of the goods to the authorized service station if the warranty period is out. If the goods under warranty cannot be repaired within 10 working days, the manufacturer or importer shall; be obliged to allocate another product with similar features to the consumer’s use until the repair of the good is completed. If the good breaks down within the warranty period, the period spent in the repair is added to the warranty period.
7) Defects resulting from the use of the product contrary to the terms in the user manual are not covered by the warranty.
8) The consumer shall be able to go to the Consumer Arbitration Court or the Consumer Court in the place of residence or in the place where the consumer processes are carried out in the case of disputes regarding the rights that come with the warranty.
9) If this Warranty Certificate is not provided by the seller, the consumer has the right to apply to the Ministry of Customs and Trade Consumer Protection and the General Directorate of Market Surveillance.


1. It is made by covering the homogeneous mixture made with acrylic modified liquid rosin and acrylic granule grains on the surface of our products in a thickness of 1.50 - 2.00 mm.

2. Sink, skirting, front set and counter are a whole.

3. Do not let the product contact with direct flame.

4. Do not leave burning cigarette on the surface.

5. Do not let the surface contact with incandescent materials.

6. Do not expose the product to direct sunlight for a long time.

7. Do not pour hot oil or meal into the sink.

8. Do not use cleaners containing abrasive powder.

9. Do not prevent the contact of the countertop with the air for a long time.

10. Defects that occur as a result of issues described above are out of warranty.
Warranty Certificate.