KuWhat are the advantages of a quartz countertop?

"Quartz", also known as quartz stone or quartz crystal, is known as the hardest mineral in nature, so it is preferred by many people because of its quality and durability. Quartz is one of the most expensive stones today because it consists of durable minerals. It is one of the most common natural stones on earth. Quartz countertops are highly resistant to heat and maintain their superiority over other countertops because they are resistant to impacts and chemicals, abrasions, and scratches. The formation of quartz stone is easy and it can be formed in all climatic conditions. Although it is common, it differs from other natural stones due to its hardness and durability. For this reason, quartz stone can be counted among the expensive stones. The most advantageous side of quartz stone in the kitchens is more durable and non-porous. Because it has a non-porous structure there is no problem in terms of health compliance. Moreover, one of the most important issues in the kitchen is the preparation and eating of food in a clean environment. Quartz countertops prevent the formation of bacteria since the counters are not separated or open, food residues and dust do not interfere, so they can be easily cleaned. It is a great advantage that quartz countertops are also easy to clean. Cleaning it daily with soft swabs and kitchen cleaners suitable for daily use will be sufficient for the countertop to be healthy and durable. In addition to the fact that quartz stone is hard and durable, it has many uses in many sectors other than countertops. First of all, quartz stone among natural stones has a healing and calming energy. Thanks to these features, it can be also used as alternative medicine. It is believed that the quartz stone brings peace to the minds of many people due to its transparent and clear nature. All these features have provided quartz stone to be frequently used in kitchen counters. We mentioned features that distinguish quartz countertops from other countertop types. It will be suitable for use for a long time, both with its aesthetic stance, with its hygienic structure, and with its hardness and durability.