Quartz, which is close to the hardness of diamond, which is 10 Mohs in the Mohs Hardness Scale used for the hardness grading of minerals, and is among the hardest minerals, has the hardness of 7 Mohs. The dough which is created by mixing 95% quartz and other biding materials is pressed under high temperature and pressure and turned into a man- made construction material. The created material is solid and called as quartz surfaces. This surface which is produced in the form of tablets is sized by countertop manufacturers and used in various surface applications.

Patterns similar to patterns of natural stones or more creative ones can be obtained thanks to manual labour in preparation of the dough. Different senses of design of various companies can be applied by selecting them according to the needs of the project. Quartz surfaces

produced in different thicknesses and weights are used in various areas such as kitchen countertops, stair steps, outdoor coverings, interior coverings, tables etc.

Human error is minimized thanks to the 2021 model fully computer- controlled 5-axis bridge cutting machine in our company. In this way, we can quickly and successfully handle all kinds of difficult sizing and cutting.