How can we protect the marble and granite counters?

Time is spent in the kitchen almost every moment of the day. We put foods, vegetables, fruits on the counters. It is very important to protect the kitchen countertop. When protecting the kitchen countertop; we can have, more durable, more clean counters. So, how are kitchen counters protected?

Marble and granite countertops have differences in the wear and tear processes of their textures depending on environmental conditions and other external factors. While a counter made of granite is not affected by cleaning materials containing chemicals, marble counters can be damaged by lemon or vinegar stains and change color due to their soft texture. For this reason, we need to polish our countertops made of marble at certain periods. Although granite counters are more durable than marble counters, lemon, vinegar, or coffee stains should be cleaned on granite counters without spending too much time. Whether the counter is marble or granite, some acidic stains have to be cleaned quickly. Stains on the counters should not be cleaned with sponges or wool, they should be cleaned with soft swabs. Stains on the counters should be cleaned with soft tissue swabs.

Marble and granite countertops from past to present; It continues to be among the most preferred countertops in terms of heat resistance, stain resistance, resistance to scratches, easy cleaning, and most significantly, it does not contain any artificial substances in its structure. Marble counters that are cleaned with classical floor cleaners begin to wear out and lose their shine in time, however, granite counters show higher performance than marble against scratches and abrasions. Heat resistance in countertop use is not high in marble countertops but this resistance is more in granite countertops.

Briefly, both granite and marble countertops continue to maintain their popularity in the market, both with their aesthetic stances and because they are natural stones. It should not be forgotten to clean and care for it regularly in order to prolong life and get maximum efficiency from the product.